Retail Therapy for Temporary Agoraphobes

As I shifted from the desk I set up in my kitchen to the couch fifteen feet away after I finished work today, I was struck by how I hadn’t stimulated the economy yet today. Hadn’t stimulated anything really. So I sat down on my couch and thought of all the things I “need” in … Continue reading Retail Therapy for Temporary Agoraphobes

Deafening Silence: a Translation

I've been known to abort a pregnant pauses. I've skipped doses while administering the silent treatment. No lie, I've been chattering refuge for a priest on silent retreat. My incessant noise exists to prevent introspection (though I'm sure some coworkers think I blather on to motivate them to be busy enough to ignore me). And … Continue reading Deafening Silence: a Translation

Medical Care in the Internet Age

I bet the last time you went to the doctor you left more uncertain than you went in. Your appointment was filled with probing questions completely irrelevant to your ailments (seriously why does anyone care if you do meth?) and the bastard wouldn't give you antibiotics to cure your cold. The specialists and follow-ups didn't … Continue reading Medical Care in the Internet Age