I Can’t Eat That: A Guide to Dieting

To all who have suffered* through the last month with me: I am sorry. For those of you who didn't, know that cutting out sugar, dairy, grains, starches, and legumes makes everyone around you miserable.  I am not alone when it comes to dieting. Millions of you are out there lamenting all the foods you … Continue reading I Can’t Eat That: A Guide to Dieting

Ending a Phone Call

I used to work in a call center (which is something I think society should use a punishment for criminals, but that's a whole other can of worms). The only useful takeaway from that soul sucking year and a half (plus two days last month) was that there is a polite a way to end … Continue reading Ending a Phone Call

Stomaching the Embarrassment of Autocorrect

I witnessed a middle aged man turn red, then purple, while snorting with laughter, either out of embarrassment or sheer, immature joy. His phone bore a calendar reminder for the weekend. It had changed his weekend plans from a cornhole tournament, to a come hole tournament (I feel like the rules of the latter are … Continue reading Stomaching the Embarrassment of Autocorrect