Ghosts of Tinder Past

We've all been there. Thanksgiving has come and gone. Aunt Marge has bullied you about your weight. Uncle Frank has announced that its ok by him that you're "one of the gays" because that's the only reason you could possibly be single at your age. Your pants are a little tighter than they were in … Continue reading Ghosts of Tinder Past

The Art of Lying

I don't typically advocate lying, but as a human you and I both know it's going to happen once or twice during the span of your life. And your lie will be discovered, there are no two ways about it, but the better the liar you are the longer it will take for the truth … Continue reading The Art of Lying

Left Behind: Surviving Being Ghosted 

Ghosting: the practice of ending a thing (relationship, situation, mommy group, UN sanctioned peace talks, etc.) by simply ceasing all forms of communication.  Ghosting leaves one party exposed and the other smug with power. I'm not a fan of involuntarily unbalanced power dynamics in any situation, and you, as my reader, shouldn't be either.  To … Continue reading Left Behind: Surviving Being Ghosted 

Excuse Me and Other Socially Appropriate Conversation Enders

We've all put out foot in our mouth at some point, and if we were lucky the people who witnessed this awful display of poor taste were kind enough to laugh it off, at least until we walked away.  You learn and move one. But what happens when the sales guy at Best Buy doesn't … Continue reading Excuse Me and Other Socially Appropriate Conversation Enders