The Healing Power of Touch

One of the greatest pleasures of adulthood is having the autonomy to spend your money as you see fit. This past years’s isolation led many people, including myself, to examine where the line of their wants and needs converges, and then buy the shit out of everything they could possibly want. Peloton had a banner … Continue reading The Healing Power of Touch

Paying For It

Look, I know that you are far too classy to straight up pay for sex, even if it is only $8. I know that you are one smooth mother-lover and can get it on you own. Your Black Card and standing reservation at Morton's Steakhouse are good at picking up where your personality falls short. Or … Continue reading Paying For It

Midwinter Mood Boosters

Despite the bizzaro warm weather my region has experienced this winter, it's bringing everyone down. Short days and illness keeps you on the couch wallowing in all the dead skin cells you're softening body has sloughed off. It's okay, you are not alone. The sun will shine past 5:00 PM again eventually and you're neighbors … Continue reading Midwinter Mood Boosters