Facebook Ads in the Time of COVID

I’m not a huge fan of Facebook, it’s filled with things like my mom’s former coworkers posting confusingly sourced, rage filled anti-hippie nonsense and my former coworkers requesting civility in Jesus’s name while posting “informal polls” that could insight violence, if not for the incantation. It’s a great place to find things to spend money … Continue reading Facebook Ads in the Time of COVID

Distress Calls in a Technology Driven Era

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has dropped a pin (a location on a map on your smartphone, sent to someone via text for those who are not smartphone users) while out and about prompting the recipient of that pin to call to check in on you. With rapidly updating mobile technology it's … Continue reading Distress Calls in a Technology Driven Era

Coping with Screen Separation Anxiety 

This week has been rough. I have had three different infections, been burned and electrocuted, bruised by furniture, and I pulled a muscle in my back while carrying a recliner around for some old people, and one of my bosses took the time to explain how payroll works (either he employs dumb-dumb heads or he's … Continue reading Coping with Screen Separation Anxiety