Saving a Kitten from a Tree and Other Lies to Save Face

I can stand on my toes but I can't bend my foot. My foot is just plain effed. A visit to the doc in the box confirmed it. And while I get a few weeks (if I can stand it) in a sexy shoe, I'm haunted by injuries past.  The breaks and sprains don't bother … Continue reading Saving a Kitten from a Tree and Other Lies to Save Face

Stomaching the Embarrassment of Autocorrect

I witnessed a middle aged man turn red, then purple, while snorting with laughter, either out of embarrassment or sheer, immature joy. His phone bore a calendar reminder for the weekend. It had changed his weekend plans from a cornhole tournament, to a come hole tournament (I feel like the rules of the latter are … Continue reading Stomaching the Embarrassment of Autocorrect

Scrambling the Egg on Your Face

You've pocket dials someone while tinkling? Flashed the entire office your business? Drunk dialed that person you're in love with but is married? You sweat through your shirt at an interview? Opened a PowerPoint presentation with some other tab open for all to see? You were caught at the peak of pleasure with a q-tip in … Continue reading Scrambling the Egg on Your Face