Thirty and Single: a Cautionary Tale

Today, I am thirty years old. For my birthday I paid a man to touch my butt*. If I wasn't single I wouldn't have had to pay for it, butt touches would be free and expected If you aren't thirty yet, and single keep reading, avoid the pitfalls that have led to this tragic point … Continue reading Thirty and Single: a Cautionary Tale

Surviving Engagement Season

I'm sorry if you are one of the special few who has/will become engaged to be married between December 24 and February 14 this post is not for you. You should probably be spending your time on Pinterest and Facebook basking in the depth of your love and the uniqueness of your wedding plans. The … Continue reading Surviving Engagement Season

Spinsterhood of the Traveling Pants

I am a woman of marrying age. I am single. In some circles, including but not limited to the produce department of the finer grocery chains, I am past my best-by date. This is something of my choosing, spinsterhood. Unlike being an old maid, being a spinster doesn't carry the weight of viginity with it. … Continue reading Spinsterhood of the Traveling Pants