The Text Message

I read Pride and Prejudice while in college and like every other silly teenaged girl I feel in love with the letters Mr. Darcy wrote to Elizabeth (I have far more literary sense now, thank you very much).  As with notes passed in middle school and the IMs of yore, writing is the universal tool used … Continue reading The Text Message

Stomaching the Embarrassment of Autocorrect

I witnessed a middle aged man turn red, then purple, while snorting with laughter, either out of embarrassment or sheer, immature joy. His phone bore a calendar reminder for the weekend. It had changed his weekend plans from a cornhole tournament, to a come hole tournament (I feel like the rules of the latter are … Continue reading Stomaching the Embarrassment of Autocorrect

Heavy Texting: A Guide to Sexting

I know you've tried, at some point, to whisper filthy nothings into the ears of a lover. I know that at least once those filthy nothings have fallen flat, possibly because you were banging a dud, but most likely it's because you don't know how to talk to people in general. Plus you got nervous … Continue reading Heavy Texting: A Guide to Sexting

Handling Unsolicited Pussy Pics

You may be asking yourself, why would I not address unsolicited dick pics? Well, gentle readers, that's a boring topic. Seriously, if you are sending randos (or even not so randos, really) pictures of your penis and the receiver has not asked for them, then you need to rethink your entire relationship with said penis. … Continue reading Handling Unsolicited Pussy Pics