A Visiting the Doctor: A Guide to Healthy Junk

This post is dedicated to Jay, who absolutely loves when I write about things he cannot relate to or doesn't understand. This year, the year I turn 30 and become a grown up for good, I got real life health insurance and decided to take the reigns on my physical wellness. This has somehow turned … Continue reading A Visiting the Doctor: A Guide to Healthy Junk

Tamping Excess Vaginal Cash Flow

If you have, or want to have, or want to use someone else's vagina you know they can be very expensive. And while most of us are scraping our pennies to buy the basic $11 box of generic tampons* and running to Victoria Secret with coupons in had for ill fitting, sexy, free panties, there are … Continue reading Tamping Excess Vaginal Cash Flow

A Guide to Owning a Car and a Vagina

Something close to 50% of the world's population is female. That is something like 3.5 billion people who possess vaginas (fleshlights and silicone vagina molds are not included in this approximate statistic) and nearly half of the vaginally endowed population are licensed drivers. While these numbers are getting increasingly less scientific I'm going to be so … Continue reading A Guide to Owning a Car and a Vagina

Surviving the Carcinogenic Apocalyse

Today the world was brought to it's knees by the World Health Organization's report on processed meats. Just as we're figuring it how to work the blessed manna into our gut busting post-workout snacky-poo a reputable source goes and fucks everything up. That isn't the only cancer inducing nightmare that has popped up this week either. … Continue reading Surviving the Carcinogenic Apocalyse