Diagnosis: A Mild Hoax

On March 8th I went home on my lunch break and took a full hour nap. On a March 10th my throat burned when I breathed, and I started coughing. The cough was deep, and felt like your knees do when you fall and scrape them on cement. I worked the full day used the … Continue reading Diagnosis: A Mild Hoax

Accepting Failure

Most days I would describe myself as fairly successful. I reached the glass ceiling in my industry at 28*, but I'm out there presenting unplanned presentations trying to not get cut in the process. My struggle is not singular. I'm one of many who have been successful, to a point, and are baffled at what … Continue reading Accepting Failure

Yes Sir, No Sir: Helpful Hints for Meeting Executives

I work for a smallish company with a rather intimidatingly available set of executives. They know the folks who work for them, the President of the company knows that I'm the new girl (despite six years and as many positions) and the COO thinks I'm rather loud. A few weeks ago my company announced a … Continue reading Yes Sir, No Sir: Helpful Hints for Meeting Executives

Monday Morning Hangovers: Dealing as an Adult 

Next weekend is going to be a shit show of drunk Americans celebrating our freedom, because we, as Americans, are free to get drunk and blow stuff up, so says the Declaration of Independence*.  This year, The 4th of July falls on a Monday so maybe it's a less than great example. But summer Mondays, … Continue reading Monday Morning Hangovers: Dealing as an Adult