Playing Hooky: How and Why to Fake Sick Sometimes

I sent a text this morning saying I’m not feeling well. My stomach is a bit off today, but I’ve recently worked through the flu and the lingering respiratory crud that followed so it’s not like I couldn’t tough it out.

I’m choosing not to.

I know, it’s positively un-American, this day to myself, but before you have me charged with treason, consider all the things you can get done on a Thursday.

You can amp up your job hunt, make calls, and go to interviews. You can go to the grocery store and wander aimlessly for hours looking for that one thing you need but didn’t put on your list.

You can take a nap.

There are always books to be read and movies to be watched. Think of how easy it would be to kick up your feet with a bucket of popcorn at the movie theatre!I’m sure you have recycling to take out and rugs to air out, and if you do it on a Saturday you’re cutting into fun time.And the only thing standing between you and making this happen is a text, call, or email to the boss, apologizing for tum-tum pain (or if you’re feeling adventurous, vomiting).Do it once and see how freeing it is!

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