Confrontation as Conflict Resolution 

I’ve been in a mood lately, with the heat wave and holidays (read political discussions) and what not. This mood is driven by and drives conflict.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who suffers from the occasional conflict so I’d like to be the person to help you handle these situations.

Today, we will focus on direct confrontation, saving passive aggressive retaliation for a day when you are focused enough to learn the subtleties of such a technique. 

Say it out loud

You’ve been bottling this up for the last six weeks, you need to get it out. 

Go to the offending party, tell them what you’re feeling, and maybe use this time to bring up all the shit that’s been weighing on you for the last 17 years. 

Bare your soul. Unburden yourself. Let this person, any everyone, know the hurt they’ve caused. This isn’t the time to accept any blame.

Express yourself physically 

If you’ve ever seen rams fight in the wild (on the Discovery Channel) you know they just go head first at their target.

Use this technique.

Square up and lash out. If you are confident in your abilities toss a punch. If you are less so head butt the person you are addressing. If you need to drive a point into someone prior to the aforementioned starting moves poke this person repeatedly in the same spot on their chest, hard. 

The point of a physical confrontation is to set you up for a discussion at the hospital, while you get stitched up and iced down, like they do in the movies, because movies are real life. 

By the time your physical wounds have healed you will be on to the next issue to toss into the ring.

Face away

Some confrontation hard to have while looking at the person so wait until you are in the car, preferably on a little bit lengthier trip. You want to get this resolved and brooded over before arriving at your final destination and you don’t want the person you are confronting to walk away.

As a driver having confrontation you will be more alert to the things around you, like that car stopping short in front of you or your turn coming up very quickly. You can use these things to frighten you passenger into seeing things your way more quickly and coming to an amiable solution. 

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