Succeeding at Success

Everyone wants to be successful at whatever it is they do, work, school, drugs, whatever. There are a billion ways to succeed and twice as many books about it. I want to simplify success for you. Let me be your guide.

Success is about competition. You only have to beat the next person to be successful. Some people will tell you that you can compete against yourself but athletes don’t set personal records because they want to best themselves, they do it so they can get to the next level of competition and beat the one person they can’t beat.

When all the self-help books tell you to set attainable goals, they’re right. You want to beat Betty, you set your goal as one more than Betty has (unless of course Betty is super good, then maybe try to beat Fred). One more than Betty (or Fred) is good enough to be the best or the next best. Is that not success?

Once you’ve set and met your attainable one upping you need to begin a brag fest. Tell everyone that you are the best of the best of the best (behind Betty). If no one is aware of the things you have achieved how can they know that you are successful?

Once everyone aware that you are the winning-est winner, take a break. You deserve it after your hard work.

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