Panic Buttons: An Arguement for Wearable Tech

When you hear about wearable technology your mind probably jumps to Fitbits and UV detection gear, but that’s not what I’m talking about today. I’m thinking more along the lines of Life Alert

You remember the commercials? They are nothing short of iconic but they only feature old people trying to beat the odd and out live their life expectancy. The wearable panic button is far more useful for an able bodied adult. I have compiled a few reasons why below. Agree or disagree as you will.

Lost phone

Because a lost phone means a lost human being. You probably can’t even get to work with out a navigation app, so how are you supposed to lead a normal life? 

Hit the panic button. 

The operator on the other end of your button will summon the appropriate first responders. When the police show up, and they will, have them help you look for it. 

It’s not like you didn’t check the “find my phone” program in your computer… Oh, you forgot about that? All the more reason for the button.

Loud neighbors

Your downstairs neighbors are fighting over a book (which is totally surprising because their skulls house some pretty significant rock collections) at 1:43 AM, press the button.

The operator will come on and you can explain the situation to him or her. If the neighbors are too loud to overhear you yelling at a button around your neck and chill out in their own, the police can be called for you.

Slip and fall

I spend a lot of time on the banks of the river that runs by my apartment. The river bank is often muddy. I have fallen on numerous occasions (it happens), next time I’ll be prepared.

The operator will dispatch new pants to me in no time. I’m sure the fire department will be happy for the distraction.

Poor service

Baristas are human. But if they screw up your precious upside-down-double-caramel-half-caff-macchiato press your button. The operator can serve as mediator in this conflict to prevent it from getting too heated.

Power outages

The Xbox doesn’t work if the power is out and your phone only has so much battery power. If you live alone press your panic button. The operator will be good for at least a few minutes of idle chatter before they have to go save some person past their expiration date.

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